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Every mobile company has launched its mobile application. Zong also launched its mobile application with the name of My Zong App. It provides you many options like other apps. You can do a lot of things using this app. My Zong App made life easier for Zong users because everything is just a click away from you. There are some main features of this application. let discuss them one by one briefly.

Services By My Zong App:

  • You do not need to dial any code for the subscription of the package.
  • All Zong packages are available in this application
  • There is a group in this app. Group of internet packages, group of hybrid packages, group of SMS packages, group of call packages, and a group of customized packages.
  • When you check the balance by dialing the code *222# your balance deduct in this transaction. While using this application your balance will not deduct. You are able to watch your account balance with very ease.
  • This App shows you the stats of your current package. In simple words, it will show how much your data remaining, how much your SMS remaining, and how much your number calls remaining.
  • There is a tab which is showing you the hot offers. in which trending packages of the Zong is available.
  • My Zong App is providing one important service to their use is that you can avail daily rewards, in which you will get some free data to use.

Other important features:

There are other features also available in this application. You can shop things using this app. you just have to select things and add them to the cart. After this, you have to pay and your goods will deliver to your address. Yari load option is available here. Here you can share your mobile load with your friends. You can contact the helpline with very ease. You just have to click on contact us. There is an option of discounts. you will get many discounts using This App.

Rewards By My Zong App:

Zong App is giving its users daily rewards. In this, you have to pick a card. With a number of MBS written on the card, you will get that free number of MBS. There is the option of 10 MB, 20 MB 30 MB up to 500 MB. You will get a different number of MBs after picking a card. It is an extra thing that Zong App is providing. You should avail of it on daily basis.


This App is the best App for Zong users. Everything regarding your mobile sim network is just one click away from you. You will extra bit of things in this app. You will get daily rewards, discounts,s and many more things like yaari load.

How to Download My Zong App?

You can easily Download this App. Please follow some steps that are given below:

  • Click on Download Button
  • The timer will be started
  • After the timer downloading start automatically
  • Congratulation My Zong App¬†Successfully Downloaded
  • You can install it now and enjoy this My Zong App

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