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As people interaction is increasing day by day. They interact with others using mobile devices as well. When they meet and they express their feelings to each other. They show the media files to each other and some often demand others to share these files. These files could be videos, images, audios, or mobile applications. You can share these media files using Bluetooth and other mobile built-in apps. But you will face issues while using these apps. The main issue is sharing Speed, Consumes too much time. And Another Factor is reliability. Shareit is providing both factors to its users. There are many features of Shareit which is unique from other sharing applications.

Facilities  by Shareit:

  • Shareit is providing a very fast sharing facility to users.
  • You can share images, videos, audio, and applications as well.
  • You don’t need to have an internet connection to use Shareit.
  • Many sharing apps are not providing services for iPhone. But Shareit is facilitating its user by providing the facility to share data with iPhone users as well.
  • When you share apps from one device to another device, then you just need to install them without any internet connection. It will take very little time.
  • Shareit is providing a facility for QR Code scanning. you just have to scan the code of another device using your phone then your files will start to share.
  • There are free entertainment posts available according to your interest.
  • Shareit will not interrupt your privacy. It will not collect your data.

There are many other features of this app. let discuss important features in detail.

Important features of Shareit:

There are two main important features of Shareit is that it is providing a facility for both android and ios users to interact with each other. You can share your data or any file without any hurdle or disturbance. The second most important feature of this app is that it has a feature of Qr code scanning which made it a bit easier for users. because you just have to scan your phone after selecting files and your files will be shared with quite ease. this sharing app works without any internet connection. you don’t require any internet connection. you just have to install this app. After installing use it.


This app is very good for sharing. After reading its interesting features you can imagine how good is this app. it is very supportive for android and iPhone users. You can share your data in just a few seconds. Your offline entertainment sources are also available here. This app works offline, you don’t need any internet connection. The most important feature of this app is that it does not collect your data. As privacy matters nowadays and many apps are collecting data, but this application is not hurting your privacy. your data is secure end to end.

How to Download Shareit?

You can easily Download Shareit. Please follow some steps that are given below:

  • Click on Download Button
  • The timer will be started
  • After the timer downloading start automatically
  • Congratulation your App¬†Successfully Downloaded
  • You can install it now and enjoy this App

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