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Google Keyboard

As everyone is familiar with Desktop, laptops and mobile, etc. People use these devices as well. Mobile devices and desktops made life easier for people as they are performing many operations and functions. They are providing the facility of calculator, calendar, Watches and many more. Desktop and mobile devices are providing the facility for Typing as well. So there is no need for a typewriter anymore. People are typing on desktops. Desktops and mobile have made our lives easier by providing autocorrect and many features of Keyboard. Google Keyboard is also such thing which is providing many features of typing. The Google keyboard is also known as Gboard. There are the following important points about the Google keyboard.

Feature of Google Keyboard:

Google keyboard is an all-rounder keyboard and providing many facilities. But here we will discuss some important features of it.

  • There is an option of voice typing in it
  • You can type faster using glide typing. in glide typing, you just need to slide your fingers over the letters.
  • Emojis Search is also a great option here. You can search emoji here very easily.
  • Google translate is also available here.
  • There are more than 100 languages here.
  • You can write in handwriting format as well
  • Gifs are available too.

Other Positive Points of Gboard:

The Google keyboard is entertaining its user by providing many facilities. We read the main features of Gboard above. Let see more interesting features now.

  • There is a gesture control system available on this keyboard
  • You can type your text using your hand’s gesture
  • these sensors work on the space bar and all other keys of the keyboard
  • You can choose desired themes for your phone
  • Some mobile has a large screen and user face issues while using it. This keyboard is providing you facility of one-hand mode. you can change settings to use it in one hand mode. it is quite useful for people.
  • It suggests next words according to your sentence, interest, and previously typed text.
  • For content writers, this keyboard is best.
  • You can delete using your hand gesture, you just have to slide left from the delete key.

These were the royal features of this keyboard.

Conclusion of Google Keyboard:

Overall this keyboard is very good for every type of user. It is good because of its unique features just like autocorrect, hand gestures, sensors, glide typing, voice typing, etc. These things make this keyboard unique from other keyboards. Google keyboard is very essential for content writers. It also guides you when you use a keyword in bulk, which is called keyword stuffing. you can type by using your voice. Its autocorrect option is also very good and reliable. If you want to install it you can do it by reading the steps given below at the end of the article.

How to Download Google Keyboard?

You can easily Download Google Keyboard. Please follow some steps that are given below:

  • Click on Download Button
  • The timer will be started
  • After the timer downloading start automatically
  • Congratulation your Keyboard¬†Successfully Downloaded
  • You can install it now and enjoy this Google Keyboard

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