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Zoom Cloud Meetings


Zoom Cloud Meetings App is known as the best meeting app nowadays. In recent times its use has increased widely. When corona came across all over the world. The daily life routine of everyone became disturbed because of this pandemic. There was a complete lockdown everywhere all over the world. The education system and work system were disturbed because of the corona pandemic. But Zoom cloud meetings helped people to overcome the loss of the corona pandemic. It is continuously helping people in arranging their meetings and classes for students. When this application was launched the first time, it was just known as the online meeting platform. But in the Corona pandemic, helped in each department especially in education. Now people know this app as an online meeting platform for everything.

Features of Zoom cloud meetings:

Everything has its own positive and negative aspects. Just like that Zoom Cloud Meetings has its pros and cons as well. Let discuss the advantages first.

  • An important feature of this app is that you can share video in this meeting
  • The organizer can mute anyone who is causing a disturbance
  • If you are doing anything or talking with others while attending the meeting using Zoom Cloud Meetings then you can mute your audio and can hide your video
  • You can invite anyone by sending the link
  • Every person can join using joining code
  • You can start a new meeting as well
  • The most important thing in this app is that you can present your screen as well

Cons of Zoom Cloud Meetings:

This App has cons as well. Which is given below

The main issue in this app which people are facing nowadays is that when you leave the meeting accidentally then you can not join it again

  • This app is using in the educational system for online exams. And sometimes student face issues with login
  • Zoom cloud meeting is using in that area where late login can cause loss of study.

These were the main cons of this application


Overall this is a good application. You must try it. This application brought education to an online platform with very ease. Now everyone is easily managing its office work and its class using this application.

More about Zoom Cloud Meetings:

We have discussed the features of Zoom Cloud Meetings above. But here we will discuss its other features. You can share any type of document here with very ease. One most important thing which every one demand is privacy. This application is very good for privacy. Most applications use your data for their marketing purpose, but this app does not use your data. In that’s the term it is the best app for meeting at the online platform. If you want to download it then downloading link is given below. You can download it from the google play store as well.

How to Download?

  • You can easily download it. Please follow some steps that are given below:
  • Click on Download Button
  • The timer will be started
  • After the timer downloading start automatically
  • Congratulation on your Zoom Cloud Meetings  Successfully Downloaded
  • You can install it now and enjoy this App

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